Dedicated applications

Coat hanger assembly

These machines aim to assembly hangers, hooks and apply the pants saver sponge.

Manutec Walcor made the mechanics.

Electric engines assembly

Applications for the construction of asynchronous motors.

Line semi-automatic assembly performed with fieldbus and decentralized peripherals.

Pharmaceutical vials engraving

Application for incision and point management on a production line of pharmaceutical vials.

This application aims to accurately manage the incision with the help of a brushless motor.

Skeins engines addition

Special machine for the addition of skeins on Siemens motors.

Application made for the Siemens, high-efficiency motors in Germany.

Sleeves for radiator production

Automation system of welding and rolling of sleeves for radiators.

Rotorini turning

Application for the turning production of rolling shutter.
This automation systemis managed by seven engines Brushless: four of them for turning, last three for loading and unloading.

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