Paper machines

Machine for bags

Remaking of the electrical plant with the complete supply for accident prevention guards of a machine for bags, with respect to the timing of the cut bag notch.

Notch cell

After many requests and many interventions on machines for paper bags, NICA has developed an apparatus to manage the mechanical recovery of the notch.
This equipment can be applied to its own or together with a series of extensible possibilities.
NICA offers the possibility of providing the basic kit:

  • MANAGEMENT NOTCH: -01 Encoder, 01 photocell reading notch, 01 sensor zeroing,  01 equipment designed for 2 positive contacts recovery high + low 2 more contacts recovery negative high + low
  • Option 1: MECHANICS CELL

Application for cutting blocks paper

Macchina automatica per il taglio di blocchetti in carta.

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