Production islands

Machine for circles

Electrical and mechanical application for forming perfect circles of iron: in rectangular, square and round bar. The molding speed allows to reach 5 seconds each piece.

In this case, two vector motors are used with feedback from encoder, an air plant, a plant oil with adjustment of the pressures through proportional valves.

Antennas construction

Complete assembly machine of logarithmic antennas.
NICA realizes the full line of engagement for interference “baffi in alluminio” on an aluminum body with holes in the cycle before the preparation of the “mustache”.
NICA made all the electrical and electronic control and supervision.

Baskets welding

Welding plant

We realize the design, construction and launch of a welding plant from loading to unloading, using the high-speed network Omron.
NICA made all the electrical, electronic control and supervision.

Synergy S.n.c. made the design and provided the mechanics.

Stators welding with robot NICA 1

Complete machine of stators welding with NICA manipulator.
The stators are placed in a pre-processing warehouse and after the production are released in an unloading magazine. In the case of low availability of space, the warehouses can be placed one above the other.
NICA made all the electrical and electronic control, supervision and the mechanical part.

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